Annette Vera

(Instructor Therapist Owner)



Annette has been practicing Yoga for 17 years. She earned her Yoga Therapy certificate from Integrative Yoga Therapy.  She earned her Massage Therapy License in 2004.  With her experience in her own Yoga practice and her pursuit to her own health and the health of her clients,  she has gained insight and knowledge as a Nutritional Consultant.


  Annette's list of qualifications:

  • Certified Yoga Therapist

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Nutritional Consultant

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Wendy Whitt



Wendy teaches hatha yoga with emphasis on breath awareness and balance between the mind and body. She began her journey with yoga in 2005 by taking classes at Balance Yoga from Annette Vera and discovered a new passion. She found that the benefits went beyond the physical, by teaching her how to use her breath and body to cultivate self-awareness and live in the present moment. Yoga has taught her to let go of the past while not dwelling on the anxiety of the future, and to create compassion for where she is now. She received her teaching certification from the Yoga Institute in 2006 and continued her calling through self-study and developing her own personal practice. In 2014, she began an in depth study through the Masterís Path Certification at Yoga Rasa under the direction of Tracie Brace Hatton. As Wendy continues on her path, she is grateful for the opportunity to share her knowledge through teaching and creating a stress free, safe space for all ages.


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